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When I was a child, my heroines flew high above the rooftops, raced through green meadows, singing as they went, dreamt beneath starry skies, and galloped away on horseback with a freedom and courage that still fascinate me today.

Amazone is a hymn to the women who have guided me and continually amazed me with their kindness, their loyalty, the magic of their artistry and the strength of their actions.

Amazone is a hymn to Mother Nature; powerful and vital, she plays an essential, miraculous role in keeping us balanced.

Amazone is a story told by the heart. It’s punctuated by different encounters, it’s my metronome, my compass.

Amazone is the poetic, universal and timeless message of a sentimental and emotional journey. We’re centuries apart, but the struggle remains the same: it’s about our love for life.

Amazone is a message of idealism.

A challenge awaits us.

We are all “Amazone”.

Lea Desandre

Amazone on tour ...


Festival de Saint-Denis (FR) 2023

Wigmore Hall (UK) 2023

Opéra de Dijon (FR) 2022

Opéra de Bordeaux (FR) 2022

ARTE Captation - TV - 2022

La Chaux-de-Fonds (CH) 2022

Festival de Deauville (FR) 2022

Espace Diamant/Ajaccio (FR) 2022

Le Méjan (FR) 2022

De Single (BE) 2022

Berlin Philharmonie (DE) 2022

Le Grand Echiquier - TV - 2021

Opéra de Rouen (FR) 2021

Elbphilharmonie (DE) 2021

Innsbruck Festival (AT) 2021

Conservatoire de Puteaux (FR) 2021


Thomas Dunford




CD Guests

Cecilia Bartoli

William Christie

Véronique Gens

Amazone Desandre Jupiter Dunford.jpg

Eternal Heaven


Händel English Oratorios

We are all spiritual beings living a human experience, and evidence of spirituality is manifested above all else in our examination of and curiosity about life and ourselves. It is an extremely personal journey, taking us along multiple pathways towards a wholesome form of divesting as well as of discovery of who we really are.

Music, the art of sound, has throughout time been a powerful instrument of expression, of introspection and of veneration before the mysterious nature of the Great Whole. It allows words to be much more than words and, at times, to express that which no philosophical treatise could ever explain. It is able to call all things into question, it probes, sometimes revealing places hidden deep within ourselves. It is interesting to note, furthermore, that a piece of music can never be played or listened to in exactly the same way twice. Music vibrates and adapts to life’s perpetual changes while carrying the wisdom of ancient times along with it. Thanks to the universality of its language, it gathers together, unifies and inspires us to acts of sharing. It is also a meditative experience for those who, coming into contact with it, are able momentarily to let go of their analysing, commenting minds in order to experience it fully.

This is why the artist is able to act as a catalyst, a bridge towards that mysterious and divine truth. His or her role is no longer simply to represent the World but equally to transform it for the common good.


“And when Love speaks, the voice of all the gods makes heaven drowsy with the harmony.”

William Shakespeare

ETERNAL HEAVEN on tour ...

Opéra de Rouen (FR) 2023

TAP Poitiers (FR) 2022

Konzerthaus Wien (AT) 2022

Wigmore Hall (UK) 2022

Luxembourg Philharmonie (LT) 2022

Linz Festival (AT) 2022

Wonderfeel Festival (NL) 2022

Festival d'Auvers sur Oise (FR) 2022

Opéra de Bordeaux (FR) 2021

Philharmonie de Paris (FR) 2021

Toulouse Arts Renaissants (FR) 2021

Festival Fénétrange (FR) 2021

Festival Bel Air Classique (FR) 2021


Thomas Dunford





Iestyn Davies

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