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Idylle Tour - Japan


Lea will be touring for the first time in Japan alongside Thomas Dunford


Sept 18th 2023 Hokkaido Asahikawa City Taisetsu Crystal Hall 

Sept 20th 2023 Tokyo Oji Hall 

Sept 21st 2023 Tokyo Toyosu Civic Center Hall  

Sept 23rd 2023 Nishinomiya Hyogo Performing Art Center

Lea Desandre androgyne Ariodante.JPG

Ariodante - Ariodante /​ Händel

Lea will make her debuts as Ariodante with W.Christie staged by Nicolas Briançon


Oct 2nd 2023 Philharmonie de Paris (FR) 

Oct 5th 2023 Grand Théâtre de Genève (CH)

Oct 8th 2023 Opéra de Versailles (FR)

Oct 15th 2023 Opéra de Dijon (FR)


Idylle recitals


Lea will continue touring her new Album released for Erato/Warner with Thomas Dunford


Oct 23rd 2023 Théâtre des Bouffes du Nord, Paris (FR) 

Oct 29th 2023 Concertgebouw Amsterdam (NL)


Lettera amorosa Tour - USA


After their successful tour with Jupiter last March, Lea & Thomas Dunford are coming back to America as a duet


Nov 2nd 2023 NYC Carnegie Hall 

Nov 3rd 2023 Philadelphia Chamber Music Society

Nov 5th 2023 Washington Philipps Collection

Nov 7th 2023 Salt Lake City Chamber Music Society

Nov 10th 2023 San Diego Early Music Society

Nov 12th 2023 Tucson Early Music Society

Desandre Andrews.jpeg

A tribute to Julie Andrews


With Thomas Dunford, Jupiter's first orchestral formation, Hubert Barrère for wonderful costumes, Sophie Daneman for bubbly staging and Lea singing J.Andrews most iconic songs.

Made with love


Dec 22 & 23rd 2023 Opéra de Rouen (FR)

Concert de Paris Tour Eiffel Desandre Cartier Murad.JPG

New Year Concert


After Cosi fan Tutte in Salzburg, Lea will be reunited with Joana Mallwitz and her Konzerthausorchester Berlin to celebrate 2024 !


Dec 31st 2023 & Jan 1st 2024 Konzerthaus Berlin


Idylle recital


Lea will continue touring her new Album released for Erato/Warner with Thomas Dunford


Jan 7th 2024 Ettlinger Schloss (CH)


Idamante - Grand Théâtre Genève


Lea will make here expected debut as Idamante (Idomeneo) in Grand Théâtre de Genève in a new production by Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, conducted by Leonardo G.Alarcon


Feb 21st 2024

Feb 23rd 2024

Feb 25th 2024

Feb 27th 2024

Feb 29th 2024

March 2nd 2024

Lea Desandre singer Garnier mezzo soprano.jpg

Médée - Opéra de Paris

Lea will be back in Paris to debut Charpentier's iconic role: Médée - directed by William Christie, staged by David McVicar


Avril 8th 2024

April 10th 2024

April 15th 2024

April 18th 2024

April 20th 2024

April 23rd 2024

April 25th 2024

April 28th 2024

April 30th 2024

May 3rd 2024

May 7th 2024

May 9th 2024

May 11th 2024

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